During the first part of the webinar, I will focus on the importance of language proficiency in the context of professional success, especially in business. I will highlight the differences between language proficiency and mere fluency and discuss strategies for improving language skills. Additionally, I will address the issue of maintaining a high level of English language proficiency in the workplace. In the second part of the webinar, I will emphasize the need to work on proper voice projection to consciously shape the information we want to convey.

I will propose exercises related to improving verbal communication by showcasing its main components: volume, speed, melody, tone, and pauses, and then demonstrate how what we say is coupled with how we say it.


Kamil Huszcza, Tutor Recruitment Team Leader at Tutlo I am responsible for managing the tutor recruitment process. My main task is to continuously improve the process itself, manage the recruitment team, and attract talents in the field of English language teaching. Tutlo Sp. z o.o.


8th April 2024

4 pm – 5:30 pm



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