Fully funded PhD position on

Modeling of polymer systems in the presence of non-trivial topological

relations: a combined analytical-numerical approach


The PhD student will work in a project led by Prof. Franco Ferrari, funded by the National Science Centre, whose aim is to model the effects of the presence of knots and links on the behaviour of polymer materials using advanced analytical and numerical methods.

Some of the theoretical predictions will be verified experimentally. Sought are candidates with skills in numerical techniques of soft matter and statistical physics (e. g. Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulations), but also strongly motivated individuals interested in the applications of field theories to polymer physics are welcome. The research will be conducted at the Institute of Physics of the University of Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland. The PhD student will have the possibility to work in an international environment, as the project is realised in collaboration with Prof. Luca Tubiana of the University of Trento, Trento, Italy. Further international networking will be possible thanks to the participation of the University of Szczecin to the COST Action CA17139 funded by the European Union entitled „EUropean TOPology Interdisciplinary Action” or, in short, EUTOPIA (https://eutopia.unitn.eu). EUTOPIA gathers together about two hundred scientists who are investigating the effects of topological relations in artificial and natural polymer systems. The position offers the possibility of working in a stimulating environment, an interesting salary, a cheap accommodation in Szczecin, dedicated computer facilities and a budget for the participation in conferences, schools and other events, including those organised within the activities of EUTOPIA.

The full announcement of this PhD position can be found at the following website:


For additional information or for any other communication related to the PhD position please contact

Prof. Franco Ferrari at the following e-mail address: franco.ferrari@usz.edu.pl